Comparison between continuous ball mill and intermittent ball mill

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With the increasing cost of raw materials and serious energy shortage, the adoption of energy-saving equipment is the first choice of cement enterprises. The continuous ball mill with significant energy saving and consumption reduction can provide solutions for cement enterprises to reduce production costs.

Under the condition that the raw material quality is stable and conforms to the process requirements, 1 kg is made of high speed or high speed.The output of 2× 14m continuous ball mill is similar to that of 4 30-ton intermittent ball mills, but the excellent power saving performance and the controllable degree of raw material processing of continuous ball mill are obviously higher than that of intermittent ball mill.That is to say, the use of continuous ball mill energy saving and consumption reduction is more significant, more advanced and more scientific ingredients to make the quality of cement products more stable.

1. Power saving:

The power consumption of continuous ball mill is: main motor 200KW×2 = 400KW/hour.

The daily total power consumption of the continuous ball mill is 400KW×22 hours = 8800KW/day

Power consumption of 30 ton intermittent ball mill is: main motor 132KW / 1 set

The total power consumption of the 30-ton intermittent ball mill is: 132KW×4 ×22 hours = 11616KW/day

Using continuous ball mill daily energy saving capacity: 11616KW-8800KW = 2816KW/day

Average electricity consumption 0.603 yuan per kilowatt hour

2816 kw (0.603 yuan per degree = 1698.048 yuan/day

The electricity saving cost of 1 year is calculated as 300 days per year

1698.048×300 days = 509414.4 yuan

2. Small footprint:

One continuous ball mill occupies an area of about 7m×17m = 119 square meters

5 batch ball mills:

Part of the ball mill: 7m×9.5m×5 sets = 332.5 square metre

213 effectively reduces floor space under comparable conditions.5 square metre

3. High efficiency:

The moisture content of the mud from the continuous ball mill is 30-32%, the mud from the ball mill can directly enter the spray tower for granulation after the transition in the mud pool, and the mud temperature when entering the spray tower is still 70℃-80℃.The water content of the mud is 34-36%, and the mud temperature is about 30℃ when it enters the spray tower.In other words, the mud moisture content from the continuous ball mill is 4% lower than that from the intermittent ball mill, and make full use of the mud temperature difference of 40-50℃.It is not difficult to understand the advancement of continuous ball mill by comparing its energy saving efficiency.

The energy consumption per kilogram of water evaporated in the spray tower is 900-950 kcal.

Take a 5000 type spray tower as an example: the evaporation capacity of water is 5000 kg per hour, the use of continuous ball mill can increase the output of 5000× 4% = 200 kg/hour dry powder, 200×24 = 4800 kg dry powder per day.The same output can reduce energy consumption by 200×900 kcal/kg = 18,000 kcal/hour. With the calorific value of 10,000 kcal/kg, 18 kg of diesel oil can be saved per hour and 432 kg of diesel oil can be saved per day.

Based on RMB 2,500 / ton of 180 # heavy oil, fuel cost can be saved per day:

432×2500 yuan/ton = 1080 yuan

Annual fuel savings: $1,080 x 300 days = $324,000

4. Labor cost saving:

The continuous ball mill is centrally managed by computer, and only one operator is needed in the whole raw material preparation workshop. It is calculated at 1000 yuan/month with three shifts. The salary of this part is 3000 yuan/month and 30000 yuan/year.Using the intermittent ball mill the whole workshop needs at least 3 operators, according to 1000 yuan/month, three shifts, the part of the salary is: 9000 yuan/month, 90000 yuan/year.

Adopt continuous ball mill than intermittent ball mill to save workers' wages:

RMB 90,000 - RMB 30,000 = RMB 60,000 / year

Two sets of 30.The annual maintenance cost of 2× 14m continuous ball mill is about the same as the cost of 2 intermittent ball mills. With the output ratio of 1:6, the annual maintenance cost is relatively cost-effective.

To sum up, the adoption of continuous ball mill can save costs for 1 year (10 months) compared with intermittent ball mill:

Annual saving of electricity bill 509,414.4 yuan

Save space 213.5 m2

Reduce energy consumption cost by 324,000 yuan per year or produce 1440 tons of dry powder

Maintenance costs are negligible

Annual labor wage savings of 60,000 yuan

Total energy saving and consumption reduction is 893414.4

In today's increasingly fierce market competition, every penny of production cost reduction means more competitive advantages in the market, energy saving and consumption reduction of 900,000 yuan/year, the meaning of which is self-evident.In terms of investment, it takes about 2 million yuan to build a continuous ball mill, and the investment cost can be recovered in two years. The economic benefit is very significant.On the premise of comparison, the adoption of continuous ball mill can save electricity 844,800 degrees/year and oil 129.6 tons per year.At present, many economically developed and energy-rich countries, such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, Iran, yemen and India, have adopted continuous ball mills to reduce energy consumption and production costs.

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