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Some people say that safety is fire, which ignites the lamp of my life. Safety is the lamp, which illuminates the road of life. Safety is the road, and guides life to a new glory.

Yeah! The word "safety" is so simple that many people sketch out their sad picture. It is because of such a simple action, that inadvertent touch, which causes them to regret for life, even lose their lives, regret too late. Therefore, we need to raise awareness of it, and maintain a certain degree of vigilance, so that they can walk with us.

Look, isn't that the whole staff of the pulverized coal class in the first workshop of the cement plant? What are they doing? It turns out that they are conducting safety education activities every five days. You see how serious they are learning. The rules and regulations on seat belts in factories, even a simple sign, can not be ignored. The most important thing is to learn how to operate safer equipment. They are learning one by one, and according to the safety requirements of their posts, make a summary, and in the case of mutual supervision, implement one by one.

Because as workers, only when the equipment is safe can they be more secure in their work. I believe that they will do better in their future work, because they need safety as a guarantee of work and life, learning to be safe and safe peers.

I. Strengthening Safety Management

Every safety accident is caused by carelessness. We should draw lessons from previous safety accidents and constantly strengthen the management of field safety work to prevent such accidents from happening again. We should give full play to the role of company security officers and team security officers, conduct regular and irregular investigation of potential safety hazards on the spot, so that potential safety hazards can be found in time and dealt with in time. Safety responsible persons should strengthen inspection work on the production site. We should seriously deal with and correct illegal operations, strengthen the study of safety rules and regulations and operating rules, improve the execution ability of employees, enhance their sense of responsibility, put safety work into practice, and ensure a good order of safety production.

2. Eliminating "Three Violations"

Three violations are "violation of regulations, command, operation and labor discipline". Three violations are wilderness.

Barbaric behavior, not to establish a strong sense of safety, only to save trouble, lucky psychology, fear of trouble, which gives the accident a chance to occur. Operators'Habitual Violation of regulations is the main cause of accidents. We should increase the investigation and punishment of "three violations" and insist on the five-minute safety morning meeting before the class, so as to ensure that safety work should be carried out every day, and that mutual security couples should supervise each other from time to time, remind each other from time to time, discover unsafe factors and rectify them in time; put safety work into practice and resolutely put an end to safety matters. So it happened.

3. Strengthening Safety Awareness and Skills Training

It is necessary to organize the training of employees'skills so as to continuously improve their operational skills and professional qualities; strengthen equipment cognitive training so that employees can understand the basic principles and structure of equipment and enhance their further understanding of operating procedures; strengthen safety training so that employees can reflect on it through continuous safety learning, draw lessons from it, strengthen safety awareness and enhance responsibility. Feeling at will.

The purpose of learning safety accident notification is to alert and educate us and help us find out the shortcomings in our work. I will continue to learn in the future work, constantly improve their own level of safety awareness, so as to achieve safety without trivial matters.

In the days ahead, let's go with security. Only in this way can we enjoy the morning dew, the tea fragrance in the afternoon, the sunset in the evening, the warmth of being with lover, friends and family, the beauty of life, and the joy of being with security.

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