Cement plant reduce cost can start from equipment management

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Cement plant should establish general spare parts warehouse modern equipment management emphasizes comprehensive management, especially economic management.All the workshops of a cement factory have set up spare parts warehouse, which not only causes waste of manpower, but also has the disadvantages of large reserve quota of spare parts, repeated reserve, lengthening turnover period of spare parts and occupying the largest circulating capital of the enterprise

1. If the centralized supply system of general spare parts is implemented, it has the following advantages:

1.1 the working capital of the enterprise is greatly reduced.

Since there are a large number of equipment of the same type and type in the whole factory, the centralized supply of general spare parts in the whole factory can greatly reduce the reserve quota of spare parts and ensure that the reserve fund of spare parts does not exceed 2% ~ 3% of the original value of fixed assets.

1.2 ensure the highest quality and low cost of spare parts.

The centralized supply system of general spare parts can ensure the high quality and low price of spare parts

1.2 save manpower, financial resources and general spare parts supply in a centralized way, which can greatly reduce spare parts purchasing and management personnel, and avoid the phenomenon that several units send people to the same place to purchase at the same time. It can also save a lot of fares and travel expenses every year.

2. Cement plant should establish lubricating oil station to do a good job of equipment lubrication, the establishment of the plant lubricating oil station has at least the following advantages:

2.1 to ensure the complete variety and good quality of lubricating oil, the equipment department has set up lubricating oil station, the implementation of lubricating oil procurement, inspection, filtration, distribution, recycling, recycling services.

2.2 facilitate the management of changing oil by quality and oil consumption quota.

2.3. To facilitate waste oil recycling, regeneration and utilization of lubricating oil station set up the factory, take a waste oil regeneration equipment replaced in the oil storage box down old collected oil and leakage of oil, after precipitation, acid and alkali treatment, distillation and filtration method, make it at or near the technical specifications of the lubricating oil, to be able to reuse. This work is to save energy, reduce cost, reduce environmental pollution, increase the economic benefit of enterprise social an important measure.

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